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by Jim Gildea, Fairfield CT

In the spring, Bigelow Tea installed bicycle racks for those employees who wanted to bike to work. In an effort to assist, we supplied bike racks as well. Soon we saw multiple bike riders using the racks. There are so many health and environmental benefits associated with bike riding. According to the Leauge of American Bicyclists, just three hours of bicycling per week can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%. Riding a bike also burns 35 calories for every mile biked. For every 10 miles of riding, that saves 5 pounds of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere. On top of that, it is 30 times less expensive to buy and maintain a bike than it is a car. It is no surprise that there are more bicyclists in the U.S. than skiers, golfers and tennis players combined.
Here at Bigelow, a few employees took this one step further. Tomas Rivera installed a gas motor on his bike to help with those tough hills and has driven his bike into work from Bridgeport. Tomas has a 10 mile round trip from home to Bigelow. Jose Jimenez installed a battery powered motor on his bike (complete with sensor that senses the pressure it takes to pedal and kicks in automatically) and has driven his bike in from Shelton which is a 28 mile round trip.
Both Tomas and Jose have certainly stepped it up and are doing their part towards helping the environment! Myself, I have a 30 mile round trip and after seeing Tomas and Jose, I am adding "driving my bike to work" to my bucket list.

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