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Bigelow Tea was recently recognized for their commitment to sustainability and the environment by Garick LLC. They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural resource products servicing the landscape, recreation, lawn, and garden and construction industries. Bigelow Tea and Garick partner together to compost biodegradable material from Bigelow through composting. Composting is nature's way of recycling as it the biological process of breaking up of organic waste into a useful substance. Bigelow Tea began composting back in November 2010. As a company, we compost approximately 80 tons annually.

All biodegradable material is segregated at the source. Bigelow Tea collects compost in the cafeteria, corporate kitchenettes, labs, conference rooms and Plant areas. We also switched all cafeteria paper supplies (forks, knives, plates, etc.) from paper and Styrofoam to corn starch based compostable supplies. Through composting, we are able to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. The use of compost is also a great natural fertilizer that helps plants and vegetables grow. In addition to the significant environment benefit, composting has allowed up to cut back on our dumpster being emptied from our property from once every week to once every 3 weeks. This saves us over $5000 annually. It is a win - win all away around.

Did you know that the compost found in garden soil is actually made from food waste? This valuable process that helps plants thrive and grow in the garden comes from recycled organics and food scraps. Composting turns food waste and other biodegradable materials into a valuable and sustainable byproduct. It's better for the environment because instead of food waste going into a landfill, it will eventually go back to the Earth. We direct all of our food waste to Garick's composting facility, New Milford Farms in New Milford, CT. Our partner in composting, Garick is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable natural resource products. Their team of experts helps us to properly compost food waste and resulting compost is used by Garick to produce soil blends for consumer, nursery, and greenhouse markets for flower and vegetable gardening. Compost is an ideal soil additive as it has a micro and macro nutrient that feeds the plants naturally.

Go to their webpage or for more information on composting and other gardening tips!

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