Marc (Beetle) Bertrand was born in Boston and raised in Quincy, Mass. At 18 he started working in radio at the on-campus station of the University of Massachusetts. During his four years in Amherst, Marc provided play-by-play for hundreds of UMass athletic events while also hosting a weekly sports talk show.
Shortly after graduating, Marc was hired by Metro Networks in Boston to provide sports updates on a local sports talk station. He moved to CBS Radio—still in Boston—in August of 2009 for the launch of 98.5 The Sports Hub and has been there ever since. In addition to his duties at 98.5 The Sports Hub, Marc makes frequent appearances on Comcast Sportsnet New England. He also hosted the pre-game and post-game shows in 2013 and 2014 and was a co-host of “The Show” on Comcast Sportsnet during the 2013 Baseball season.                                                                                      
  1. Does the Antonio Brown video really add fuel to the Patriots’ fire, or is just a media creation?
There isn’t anything on the video that should be upsetting to the Pats players or coaches, and I don’t think they were upset by it. There was nothing on there that will fuel any fire. I think Mike Tomlin did a great job of killing the story. It certainly had legs from a media standpoint, but he did a good job apologizing and had no problem criticizing his own player. It’s more of a Steelers issue than anything else. If I were a player in the Steelers locker room, I’d be angry about what should be a private team moment being no longer private.
  1. How do you think the Pats D will prepare to handle the Pittsburgh running game?
The good news for the Patriots is that they did play the Steelers earlier in the season with Le’Veon Bell, which is important. The Patriots over the last couple of seasons have done pretty well against the run. It’s not like they’ve never seen him [Bell] before; they have tape of the game from earlier this year. They’ve seen this player and know his tendencies. They’ve watched him these last few weeks and I’m sure they’ll spend a lot of time focusing on how to stop him.
  1. Name an under-the-radar player for each team who could have a big role in deciding Sunday’s outcome?
Ryan Shazier for Pittsburgh. He’s a good player who was hurt last time they played. He’s quickly become, as a young player, a leader on that defense. He can make an impact and be quite disruptive in terms of trying to get to Brady and get the offense off of its game. He can also make some big hits over the middle of the field, which, if you can lay into a guy like Julian Edelman with a big hit… He’ll have that in the back of his mind when venturing into that area of the field. We know the Patriots love the underneath stuff, so he’s a guy that could certainly make an impact and is also not being talked about all that much.                                                                  
For the Patriots, I’d go with Logan Ryan. He’s been an important part of the Pats turnaround defensively and doesn’t get enough credit for it, quite frankly, even though he’s played a lot better the second half of the season. He contributed in a big way last week, and I think he’ll do more of the same this week in terms of defending what Ben Roethlisberger brings to the game. He’s made contributions in a quiet way. When you think of Patriots corners, the name that always first comes to mind is Malcolm Butler, but Logan Ryan definitely can be a factor Sunday night.
  1. Pittsburgh at New England. What are your personal thoughts on this amazing football rivalry?
I think it’s great! I think there is some real hate between the fans of each team. Tom Brady has been here a long time and played in that 2001 AFC Championship game against the Steelers (when they were allegedly booking their trips for their families and had bags packed for SB 36.) The Pats upset them that year, then beat them again a couple of years later. There is some great history here, and, when you have two marquee quarterbacks fighting to get to the Super Bowl, the excitement is going to be there. The hate will be felt which makes the game that much more fun. With these two QBs going at it, it means that 13 out of the last 14 years, it’s either been Brady, Roethlisberger, or Peyton Manning going to the Super Bowl from the AFC. The Steelers are the other team with multiple championships during Brady’s run, so as dominant as the Patriots have been, the Steelers are right behind them. Great drama heading into Sunday!
  1. It’s going to be cold. What specific flavor of tea will you be sipping on Sunday night?
 Bigelow Earl Grey Green will be the go-to for Sunday. It’s going to be cold and that will be perfect!

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