Marc (Beetle) Bertrand was born in Boston and raised in Quincy, Mass. At 18 he started working in radio at the on-campus station of the University of Massachusetts. During his four years in Amherst, Marc provided play-by-play for hundreds of UMass athletic events while also hosting a weekly sports talk show.
Shortly after graduating, Marc was hired by Metro Networks in Boston to provide sports updates on a local sports talk station. He moved to CBS Radio—still in Boston—in August of 2009 for the launch of 98.5 The Sports Hub and has been there ever since. In addition to his duties at 98.5 The Sports Hub, Marc makes frequent appearances on Comcast Sportsnet New England. He also hosted the pre-game and post-game shows in 2013 and 2014 and was a co-host of “The Show” on Comcast Sportsnet during the 2013 Baseball season.
  1. No Tom Brady in Week 3, yet a 27 to 0 blowout win. How do the Pats not get overconfident going into this game?
MBB: One of the things they’ll remind themselves about that victory is that the way they scored those 27 points was on a short field. That’s how they won that game. It was a good performance by the defense—and I think the defense now is better than it was in Week 3—but that offense with Jacoby Brissett at QB only got into the end zone because they had three very short scoring drives, whereas you can’t bank on that being the case this time around. There will be no video review of that game by Bill Belichick. It won’t factor in… they won’t even look at it. They’re going to look at the other games the Texans have played since then and will pretend like the Week 3 game did not exist, and focus on the fact that the Texans are a playoff team that just won a playoff game last week.
  1. J.J. Watt will not play on Saturday night, but Jadaveon Clowney is playing well and the Cushing/Kinney combo at linebacker are playing at an elite level. What sort of unique challenges does this defense create for the Pats offense?
MBB: The Texans’ goal on defense is to get to Tom Brady. Disrupt Tom Brady and get Tom Brady to make mistakes. That’s been the trend when the Patriots have lost in the playoffs over the years: Opposing teams have gotten to Brady, forced his hand, bumped him up in spots, and he’s thrown some interceptions. Clowney is probably the No. 1 guy that they’ll focus on when protecting Brady, and a lot of that falls on Nate Solder. This is a very important week for the Patriots’ offensive line—especially the left side of the line—which is having a better year (later in the year) than when they lost in the AFC Championship Game last season. They’ll focus on Clowney and try to make him a non-factor coming from Brady’s blindside.
  1.  Vince Wilfork on the field, Head Coach Bill O’Brien and Linebackers Coach Mike Vrabel on the sidelines all have strong Patriot ties. How can the Texans utilize those to their advantage on Saturday night?
MBB: The ties to the Patriots—and to Bill Belichick specifically—benefit the Texans. The Patriots will just go out and do their thing. They’re not a desperate team; they’ll have a game plan to execute. The Texans at this point in the season—having won a playoff game and gotten a break by playing Oakland without their quarterback—are still a desperate team even while playing with house money. The coaches (including Romeo Crennel who has a long history with the Patriots and Bill Belichick) will know a lot of their tendencies, which they’ll attempt to exploit. The Texans and their coaches will focus on ‘how do we beat the Patriots?’ While the Patriots’ focus will be more on ‘how do we go out and do all of what we want to do and execute our game plan?’ For them, it’s less about the Texans and more about taking care of business. When you have matchups like this one where one side is heavily favored and there is such familiarity among the coaching staffs, it benefits the Texans.
  1. As a Quincy, Mass., native who remembers darker days, what has it been like to watch this Patriots’ run of success up close?
MBB: It’s been an incredible run and, as of now, looks like there is no end in sight—which is even more unbelievable! Are New England fans spoiled? Yeah, I think so. At this point it’s hard to say otherwise. Displaying a level of consistency showcased over the past decade and a half that’s been unmatched by any other team in the NFL, we’ve come to expect a level of success from the Patriots year in and year out. Because of those dark days and the bad records of the late 80s and early 90s, it makes fans appreciate what we have. Once in a while you have to look back and say, ‘This is really good and really special. The coach and QB are special, and it may never be as good again as it is right now with those two guys and the team they’ve maintained for the past 15 plus years. This will be the best run of football that New England ever sees.’
  1. What tips do you have for keeping your voice fresh and sturdy during these frigid New England winter months?
MBB: When you’re dealing with cold weather, there is nothing better for your voice–especially mine because I spend six hours on-air every game day—then drinking tea. I describe it as ‘keeping things loose.’ Like an athlete keeps his body loose before playing in a game, a broadcaster has to keep his voice loose, so I drink Bigelow Tea. It has the taste, aroma, and the whole tea-drinking experience. For broadcasters like me, it’s a must. Not just for the love of the tea, but as a job requirement at times. It’s been a life saver. Bigelow Tea is a part of my game-day ritual.

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