Lead football analyst and former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms shares his thoughts on Sunday’s game.

1.  If Denver goes on to win the championship, where would you rank Peyton Manning among the all-time greats?
Win or lose, for Peyton Manning, I will still rank him as one of the top two or three quarterbacks in league history. He has done so many incredible things in his career that there's nothing he can do on Sunday that will change my mind one way or another.
2. What differences do you see in Pete Carroll now compared to his earlier head coaching days with the Jets and Patriots?
I really don't see any difference in Pete Carroll as a pro coach from the first time around with New England and the Jets compared to now. When he coached in the league earlier in his career, the game was not ready for him or his style. He went to USC and won national championships to prove his way works on the college-level and now he has proven it works at the pro-level. Don't be fooled by his enthusiasm on the sidelines. Yes—he's energetic, but he's also disciplined and tough.

3.  John Fox has had a very successful career in the league. How would you describe his coaching style?
I would describe John Fox’s coaching style as that of someone who treats the players with great respect. I can’t say exactly what this term means, but I think everyone will understand it when I say “he is a man's man”. You have respect for him and feel comfortable at the same time.

4.  If you had to choose between Knowshon Moreno and the Denver offensive line or Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle offensive line, which would you take for this particular game?
Well, when the question is asked like that, I will take the Seattle Seahawks offensive line and Marshawn Lynch because Seattle has proven all year long that they are a physical line and Lynch is maybe the most physical running back in the league. However, if you asked which is the best overall offensive line in the league, I would pick the Denver Broncos because they are good run blockers and very good pass blockers.
5.  What is the most intriguing matchup of the game that no one is talking about?  
The Seattle Seahawks wide receivers vs the Denver Broncos defensive backs. Seattle’s wide receivers are aggressive, tough, and fight for the football. Also, they had the fewest drops of any receiving corps in the league this year. This is a matchup that's sneaky and one to watch.

6.  We often here about athletes being “in the zone”. Did you feel that way during your 10-10 completion streak in SB XXI?
Well when I was in that game, I didn't know what “in the zone” actually meant. I can promise you I was not thinking about or knew I was “in the zone” while it was happening. When you're on the field, you just play. You've been trained to react to what people do against you and just hope it works out your way that day.

7.  Describe the feeling you had right before the opening kickoff of that game. 
It was so long ago, it's hard to remember all those feelings, but running onto the field before that game started was almost as exciting as winning it.

8.  You picked Seattle to win it all before the season started. Sticking with that pick? 
Yes, I'm sticking with that pick. I wouldn't want to bet one dollar on that pick because I think it's that close, but Seattle has played in so many physical, close games, that I think they'll win a low-scoring, close contest.